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Kieran Jordan
Irish dance performance, instruction, choreography

recommended dance shoes

For Sean-nós and Old-style Step Dancing:

I recommend a comfortable and supportive shoe with a smooth hard sole. Taps and fiber-glass sole are not necessary. For a louder sound on any shoe, ask your cobbler to add a layer of “neolite” or “vibram” hard rubber soles. The cobbler I use is Jimmy, at Jimmy’s Shoes in Central Square, Cambridge.

Or try these styles:

the right shoes for irish dance
Photo: Liza Voll

Reilly Shoe

Makem Shoe

Dance Class Style CS201

Dance Class Style PCM201

For Traditional Irish Step Dancing:

Fays Shoes in New York: For hard shoe orders, call them directly and ask to have the toe pieces shaved 1/3-inch lower than the normal height.

Teddy’s Shoes in Cambridge.