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  …the precision and inventiveness in her steps comes across as fresh and innovative … a world-class dancer and choreographer, and an expert on sean-nós dancing…  

—The Irish Echo, February 21, 2017

  Jordan has a sterling reputation as a teacher…. Her students speak of her glowingly and her abilities shine through in this video [Musical Feet Vol. 2]. The lessons are compact but systematic and her natural directness with the camera conveys a confidence that users of this video can really ‘get’ the steps she’s sharing. She has a beautiful, relaxed style, but one of the most impressive things in the video is how apparent the melody is in her footwork. It is very easy to hear the tunes in her feet.  

—The Irish Echo, February 1, 2016

  … acclaimed Irish stepper, with fanciful footwork and improvisational flair…  

The Boston Globe, September 12, 2015

  Triptych takes a pleasingly understated approach, [with] sparse melodies set against criss-crossing rhythms… the delicate touch and precise intonation are timeless. Kieran’s feet are wonderfully expressive as she weaves around guitar and fiddle.  

The Boston Globe, September 12, 2015

  She’s a living musical instrument in and of herself.  

The Living Tradition, April 2012

  Besides being a talented and inventive dancer, Jordan has a keen academic interest in Irish dance history and evolution, and a journalist’s eye for what is appealing about the dancing art form itself, which makes her stand out as a creative choreographer and an informed narrator and interviewer on this DVD [Secrets of the Sole].  

The Irish Voice, October 30, 2008

  All the pieces of the ‘Sojourn’ musical quilt are stitched together with care. And the whole affair effortlessly jumps to a climax every time dancers Kieran Jordan and Kevin Doyle step gaily. Though both are veterans, they magically convey youthfulness with routines both witty and lithe.  

The Boston Herald, December 14, 2008

  Kieran Jordan and Kevin Doyle were a delightful dancing tandem. What was so refreshing about their dancing was the humor bubbling up in their steps. It never seemed forced, and it added palpably to the sheer joy of their presentation.  

The Irish Echo, December 24, 2008

  The renowned Kieran Jordan showed her theatrical side in a delightful set with Matt and Shannon Heaton. Her body was as expressive as her footwork as she struck gay, sprite-like poses.  

The Boston Herald, January 14, 2008

  The hornpipe by Jordan and Yenson was playful, flirtatious, and exquisitely performed, allowing both dancers to flow effortlessly between modern and traditional steps.  

The Irish Voice, December 20, 2006

  The highlight of the performance was Jordan’s original sean-nós dance. Her choreography was marked by circular steps that spiraled upward through her body. It was a creation firmly rooted in Irish tradition, yet full of modern energy — a combination that spoke of her deep respect for the dance tradition, infused with adventure, confidence, and a mischievous wink, ensuring the long-term survival of this ancient form.  

The Boston Irish Reporter, January, 2006

  When Kieran Jordan danced, her miked feet created a dazzling tumult of beat.  

The Boston Herald, January 10, 2005

  The band led Kieran Jordan into a punked-out Irish step improvisation. Jordan complemented Irish step’s vivid high kicks and swiveling footwork with an uncharacteristically loose upper torso and a playfully theatrical use of the head and arms, bringing the traditionally rigid dance form the freedom and fluidity of jazz tap.  

The Boston Globe, May 19, 2004

  A truly unusual troupe choreographed by Kieran Jordan merged undulating, languid modern dance with upright Irish step dancing, to superb music by Hanneke Cassel and Halali.  

The Boston Herald, January 11, 2004