Secrets of the Sole Irish Dance Steps and Stories

DVD $20

Secrets of the Sole:

Irish Dance Steps and Stories

  • Featuring Kevin Doyle and Aidan Vaughan

“Besides being a talented and inventive dancer, Jordan has a keen academic interest in Irish dance history and a journalist’s eye for what is appealing about the art form. She stands out as a creative choreographer and an informed narrator and interviewer on this DVD.”
“Vaughan is one of the finest exponents of the Clare heel and toe battering steps.”
—Paul Keating, The Irish Voice

“A bit of living history… Far from being a video dance clinic, Secrets of the Sole is full of conversation, reminiscences, and insights into Irish dance.”
“Doyle’s seemingly effortless athleticism is a joy to behold.”
—Sean Smith, The Boston Irish Reporter

“A truly special piece of work. Uplifting and inspiring…”
“Intriguingly gentle and respectful in its presentation, the DVD succeeded in heightening my appreciation of the gentleness, and quiet power, of the very thing — the dance — it sought to capture.”
—Mary Nunan, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick

“Your Secrets of the Sole with Kevin Doyle and Aidan Vaughan is a real treasure, so natural but at the same time so professional. The contrasting styles and abilities of all three dancers are just breathtaking. I will certainly watch it over and over.”
—Michael Tubridy

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Secrets of the Sole DVD. As for Aidan Vaughan, WOW. I could watch and listen for hours. Those little twists of phrases you don’t expect, his own self revealed a bit now and then. Truly wonderful. Your articulate eloquence really stood out. And seeing the three of you jam is just so familiar. You are my ancestor!”
—Pam Raff, Tap Dancer

“Thank you for your efforts in producing this work. You have captured some great interviews and have documented the steps of fine dancers, including yourself. Aidan’s interview was the best! I was able to see his humorous and thoughtful side. Your DVD will take a prominent place in my collection.”
—Doyle Meadows

“You are poised and extremely knowledgeable about Irish dance and its history, yet people can sense your warmth and easy going personality, by your laughter and your interactions with Kevin and Aidan … the little twinkle in your eye from time to time. I am even more energized about Irish dancing after watching this DVD. There is so much to explore, learn, and also to remember from my past. Thank you for the inspiration!”
—Pattie Hunter, T.C.R.G.

“The video is honest, charming, and also meaty. I would watch it again to get more out of the narrative, and I imagine dancers could continually pore over the technical segments. Lots of material! And musically, George and Sean were just great!”
—Shannon Heaton

“I LOVE your video! So nice to see something shot from a dancer’s perspective, for a change. I could see the feet, the body, the big picture, the small picture. Well done!”
—Leah Weiss

In this elegant and entertaining DVD, Kieran interviews and performs with two of her favorite step dancers who have influenced her over the years. Kevin Doyle (from Rhode Island) is a delightful, compelling performer of old style traditional Irish step dance, as well as early styles of American tap dance. Aidan Vaughan (from County Clare, Ireland) is known as a living master of West Clare dance styles, including set dancing and sean-nós step dancing.

This video features up-close solo and duet performances, plus a rare trio performance, highlighting the dancers’ unique steps and styles. Extensive interviews illuminate Kevin’s and Aidan’s dance backgrounds and stories, encapsulating much of Irish dance history in the process. George Keith and Sean Gannon, two of Boston’s best traditional Irish musicians, provide live music for the dancing. Filmed in front of a small live audience, this video takes a warm and personal approach that captures the joy, vitality, and multiplicity of Irish dance traditions.