Musical Feet! instructional video

DVD $30

Musical Feet!

Sean-nós Irish Dance Instruction

  • with Amanda Cavanaugh on fiddle

“I have purchased every Sean-nós dance instructional DVD that I could find, and I absolutely love yours the most! Your instruction is clear — you speak like an experienced dance instructor. The video quality is superb. You have a large selection of steps, and there is practice and review. And you explain the rhythm … when the dancer comes into the music. I am so happy with this purchase.”
With appreciation, Heather

“I love this video and your method of teaching sean-nós dance. It’s the right level for beginners, with all of the foundation material, plus methods for developing more complex steps. Students can be so overwhelmed and intimidated by the thought of improvising, but your DVD leaves one feeling confident, accomplished and ready to go to the pub!”
Piper Call, Inisheer Irish Dance Company

“Thank you so much for the DVD. It is very easy to follow — or I should say — you are so easy to follow. I just need patience and practice! This is a DVD that I’ll wholeheartedly recommend to all. Great teaching!!”

“I’ve received my DVD and want to thank you very much for putting it together. I now know that I’m on the right track and am having fun working in your moves.”
Cheers, Pat

“I received your Musical Feet! DVD yesterday. I love it! Your instruction is so consistent and clear, verbally and visually. I also love the background/general information that you include. I know there are a few surprises left for me, as I haven’t studied the whole DVD yet. That said, I am going to appreciate going back to the basic steps over and over again. I’m so glad to have this.”
Thanks, Jean

“Got your disc — this is great! I can feel my teaching improving just watching it. The way you’ve broken things down is very clear and accessible. My favorite dress, too!”
Ben Power, Sean-nós Southwest

In Musical Feet! Kieran teaches the basic footwork of sean-nós (“old style”) Irish step dance, breaking down steps into simple movements that anyone can do. She has created a true progression of steps, from the most basic walking steps to the more intricate shuffling patterns. This video is a comprehensive learning program designed for beginners of all ages, and for anyone who wants to learn more about sean-nós Irish dance. It conveys clear intelligent teaching, a warm spirit, and Kieran’s life-long passion for Irish dance.

Whether you are part of a class, or learning on your own, Musical Feet! is a must-have learning tool.