Spring 2017

Shoe Information

For Irish step dance, Kieran recommends Fays Shoes. For Hard Shoes, call them directly and ask to have the toe pieces shaved 1/3-inch lower than the normal height. You can purchase other brands of Irish hard shoes and soft shoes in person at Teddy’s Shoes, 548 Mass. Ave., Central Square, Cambridge, MA. For beginner dancers, Capezio “dance sneakers” are a versatile and comfortable practice shoe (available at most dance stores and online dance suppliers).

For sean-nós dancing, please wear any shoe with a smooth hard sole and sturdy heel (no taps). Sean-nós dance is an informal, solo style, so find a shoe that fits your foot and your personality! For a louder sound on any sean-nós dance shoe, ask your cobbler to add a layer of “neolite ” or “vibram” hard rubber soles.

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Photo credit: Liza Voll